Orders, Shipping and "Returns" (Exchanges) 

Orders and Shipping 

A 50% deposit is required at the time of the finalized order. NO refunds.  An estimate will be emailed to you. Allow realistic sufficient time for your pieces! There are OTHER BRIDES with orders BEFORE YOURS. Please note, some of these pieces can take up to 16 hours or so. The hand beaded chokers are such items for example that can take up to that amount of time. If I need to order special materials, I need to take that into consideration also. PATIENCE! I am very efficient, so DON'T STRESS! This is FUN!  What I send is an ESTIMATE. Any changes, increases, decreases (happens), you WILL be notified and a confirmation will be needed. Your consent to continue is the ONLY way I move forward. CLEAR Communication is VERY important. Respect on both ends is imperative as well. I reserve the right to not work with anyone who cannot respect me as a designer and creator.  This is YOUR day and it needs to be perfect, or as close to perfect in every way. I will NOT tolerate rude, entitled, condescending, etc personalities. Go elsewhere. I want to create your unique piece for you and your people or person. Each piece is made with nothing but love and light. 


If distance is an issue, or coming to see me here in Mystic isn't conducive, then face time, email, text, are options. 


I can’t wait to create for you! I work with all REASONABLE budgets. You cannot put a price on feeling and looking beautiful!  

Shipping prices are negotiable depending upon location and how many pieces are ordered. I will work something out with you of course. Weddings can be expensive and we all want to save where we can. 

Return & Exchange Policy

Ok, this is hard, because I am 100% sure you won't be returning anything. That is how confident i am in my work and OUR communication to get your jewelry piece perfect. IF by some rare chance you need to switch something or what have you, then ok, things happen, I do understand that: but everything is customized prior to you receiving it.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work. That's a good thing. :) So, there aren't any returns, but I am serious when I say that everything will be perfected before it is finalized.  You or someone you care about will be donning these pieces so presentation is everything. Time is money and my time is valuable as is everyone's.  You wouldn't take a dress from the seamstress before it was fitted to perfection. 

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